Top 10 Best Clubs in Kathmandu in 2024

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. which gives a city alive with culture and energy and offers a nightlife internment to tourists and locals. If someone who loves to dance and soak in the vibrant environment. I have enjoyed some of the best clubs in Kathmandu which you can too enjoy.

Here is the list top 10 best clubs in Kathmandu

1. LOD – Lord of the Drinks 

Drinks King in Thamel is super famous worldwide ranked 52 in DJ Mag UK‘s top 100 clubs. It’s the best clubs in Kathmandu and the largest Club in Nepal. The concert style stage With a big stadium-style design covering 9,600 square feet, and fitting 2,500 people, Drinks King is a major nightlife spot. Entry: Rs 1,000 (no cost for ladies on normal nights). Open till 2 am, it has a lively mood, yummy food, and the famous Iceland Bar on its big dance floor, attracting many locals and famous people too on Friday and Saturday.

2. 10X CLUB

10x Kathmandu is a new popular dance Best night clubs in Kathmandu. It is becoming well-known. It is not the biggest in Kathmandu, but it has great service. It is good for a fast party, but it is a bit crowded. It closes at 4 AM, which is earlier. Other clubs might be better, but 10x Kathmandu has its charm that you might like.

3. Club Fahrenheit

Located in Thamel, Club Fahrenheit is a popular place for nightlife in Kathmandu. The Fahrenheit is also known as the best club in Kathmandu. It is 8,900 square feet big and includes a club, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. The dance floor is large and can hold up to 2,000 people. The club charges an entry fee of Rs 1,000 and has many different drinks. It is known for being safe and friendly and is often called a “celebrity hub” because famous people visit. It also has live music from artists around the world.

4. Senate Club

Club Senate is a premier destination in Nepal’s club scene, offering an exceptional experience. Boasting top-tier DJs and live band performances daily from 7 PM to 10 PM, it guarantees a memorable time. The club prioritizes safety with highly trained security personnel and provides locker facilities, a rare find in many clubs. Situated on J.P Road, Thamel, Kathmandu, Club Senate is a must-visit hotspot in the city.

5. Club Turtle

Club Turtle is one of the top nightclubs in Kathmandu, nestled in Thamel, the city’s main tourist area. Renowned for its nightly live performances by various bands, including around three international artists per month, it’s a top choice for young revelers seeking an unforgettable experience. Despite its capacity to accommodate 1,200 patrons, only 500 individuals can dance on the floor simultaneously. Nevertheless, Club Turtle’s inviting ambiance and well-curated selection of food and drinks make it a magnet for patrons of all ages and preferences.

6. Purple Haze Rock Bar

If you’re craving rock music and a vibrant atmosphere, Purple Haze is the ultimate destination location paryatan marg. Best rock bar and nightclubs in Kathmandu. While it may lean towards the pricier side, its infectious energy and chaotic ambiance make it a must-visit spot in Thamel for locals and tourists alike. Featuring frequent performances by local musicians, weekends often come with an entry fee that includes complimentary drinks. As the night progresses, the atmosphere electrifies, drawing in crowds eager for a good time. With a spacious open area showcasing music from various genres, Purple Haze offers not only fantastic cuisine and drinks but also live music and a bustling crowd.

7. Kings Lounge

King’s Lounge distinguishes itself from other venues by its emphasis on families and gourmet cuisine. Renowned for its inviting ambiance, captivating music, delectable food, and warm hospitality—all at an affordable price—it stands out as a gem. With ample seating areas and stunning decor, including a mesmerizing waterfall wall, the lounge exudes beauty and charm. Its unparalleled hospitality sets it apart from typical clubs and bars, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a classy and secure nightlife experience. Located in Durbarmarg, this spacious lounge spans 8,000 square feet and can comfortably accommodate over 300 guests.

8. Ibiza Lounge

Ibyza stands as the location of Narsingh Chowk Kathmandu, Nepal’s premier nightclub, offering the ultimate relaxation and unwinding experience. Escape the city chaos and unwind with friends in their cozy lounge or at the bar, all within the same venue. Whether you’re rocking out on the dance floor or grooving to their fantastic live music, Ibyza has it all. Providing a glimpse into the party paradise of Ibiza, this tavern offers everything under one roof, from exclusive DJs to special events. Grab your drinks and hit the dance floor for a night of nonstop head-banging and unforgettable memories.

9. Trisara

Trisara, known as the Third Eye of the Garden of Heaven, boasts two enchanting locations: Lazimpat, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, and Lakeside, Pokhara. This picturesque outdoor restaurant exudes good vibes with its stunning decor and inviting atmosphere. Indulge in sumptuous food and drinks accompanied by delightful music, creating unforgettable moments. Renowned for its perfect ambiance, Trisara stands as one of Nepal’s famed clubs, with a chain spread across the country’s major cities.

10. Prive Nepal

Prive Nepal is a luxurious nightlife destination located in the heart of Kathmandu. With its elegant ambiance and upscale decor, Prive Nepal offers an exclusive experience for discerning patrons. Whether you’re enjoying handcrafted cocktails at the bar or dancing the night away on the spacious dance floor, Prive Nepal promises an unforgettable evening of sophistication and glamour. As one of Kathmandu’s premier clubs, Prive Nepal attracts a fashionable crowd and hosts top-notch entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an indulgent night out on the town.

There’s a table format for the top 100 best clubs in Kathmandu:

RankClub Name
1LOD – Lord Of the Drinks
3Club Fahrenheit
4Senate Club
5Club Turtle
6Purple Haze Rock Bar
7Kings Lounge
8Ibiza Lounge
10Prive Nepal
11Club 25 Hours
12Irish Pub
13Club Babylon
14Karma Bar & Lounge
15Amigos Bar & Restaurant
16Tom & Jerry Pub
17Play Boy Lounge & Club
18Vesper Café & Restaurant
19Buddha Bar
20Club deja vu
21Fire Club Kathmandu
22The Victory Lounge
23Club Next
24Jatra Club
25Reggae Bar
26Club Oasis
27Om Lounge Bar
28The Factory Restaurant & Bar
29Karma Bar & Lounge
30H2O Restro & Bar
31J Bar
32Club Ozone
33Vaishaali Bar & Restaurant
34Basuri Restro & Bar
35Pussycat Lounge
36Chills Restro & Bar
37The Northfield Café & Restaurant
38Club Platinum
39The Lighthouse Lounge & Bar
40The Drum Rock
41Bagaicha Lounge & Bar
42Club H20
43Red House Lounge & Bar
44Fusion Club
45Grunge Restro & Bar
46The Rhythm Bar
47Club Escape
48Sams Bar
49Parikrama Lounge & Bar
50Venus Lounge & Bar
51Underground Club
52Blue Note Jazz Bar
53La La Land Restaurant & Bar
54Club Z
55Atomic Club
56Aqua Club
57Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu – Club Nirvana
58Rave Pub & Lounge
59Yeti Bar
60Club Fusion
61The Irish House
62Privee The Club
63Thamel Rock
64Purple Sun Bar & Restaurant
65The Bara Pateo
66OMG Club
67Galaxy Lounge & Bar
68La Femme Club & Lounge
69Club Africa
70Top of the World Club
71Copper Mug Restro & Bar
72The Lava Lounge
73Upstairs Jazz Bar
74Shambala Restro & Bar
75Infinity Club
76Shimmy Bar
77Goldstar Bar & Restaurant
78Soho Club
79Blue Monkey Bar
80Regal Lounge & Bar
81Funky Buddha
82Star Club
83Sky Bar Kathmandu
84Nanglo Restro & Bar
85Liquid Lounge & Bar
86Lake Side Club
87Triple X Restro & Bar
88Fusion Bar & Grill
89The Funky Grill
90Retro Lounge & Bar
91Neptune Club
92The Mint Bar & Lounge
93The Electric Club
94Bar 27
95Deja Vu Lounge & Bar
96Club Crystal
97Prive Lounge
98Platinum Club
99The Vault Cocktail Bar
100Club Wildfire

If any clubs are missing from our list of the top 100 or if there are changes in their rankings, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We’ll promptly update the information to ensure accuracy and completeness. Please note that the ranking of best clubs in Kathmandu is not based on specific criteria and preferences may vary based on individual tastes and experiences.